The Rest.

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

John Lennon

Not Vital, Not Statistics

I was born in July, 1953 in San Diego, California.  I lived there till I was 18.

Since then, I've spent semesters or years in Boston, Los Angeles, Princeton, Berkeley, Canberra, Palo Alto, Paris, and Haifa. My permanent home since the fall of 1983 has been Bloomington, IN.

I have three beloved daughters and totally dote on my four grandchildren. 

Since 1997 I've been married to Sue Swartz, a writer, artist, and organizer. Check out her website.

I can get by in French or Hebrew. I speak Spanish pretty well and have taught university courses in Colombia.

I like to make music with my guitar and/or voice. Heartfelt music—especially jazz—moves me deeply. I love listening to Miles, Wes, 'Trane, Pat Martino, Wayne Shorter...and almost anything on the old Blue Note label.

My life is guided by Jewish tradition. Among other things, I rest—no work, no phones and no screens!—between Friday and Saturday evenings.

I've also been practicing Zen meditation since 1993, in the Ordinary Mind Zen School.